Style: Rock star

Do you want to be the coolest?. Here we have the secrets to create fashion clothes.

We´ll teach you how to make a “Star t-shirt”

All you need:

  • Glue

  • White t-shirt (short sleeve)

  • Pair of scissors

  • Color pens for t-shirts

  • Transparent pearls


First you must draw four horizontal lines on your t-shirt, leaving on space in the middle of the lines. Make the lines on top of the t-shirt.Then cut the bottom of the t-shirt.


When you’ve got the t-shirt torn, take your black color pen for t-shirts and draw a star on the front of the t-shirt.

Then colour it.


Nou you’ve got the t-shirt ready. To decorate it we stick the transparent pearls on the edges of the star.

Be careful with the glue, it can stick your fingers.


If you want, you can draw a wide line on the sleeves and stick few pearls slightly separated.

Now, you’ve got a cool t-shirt.You’ll call attention.

Everybody will ask you where you bought it!


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