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Today in stories section we are going to talk about

“Excuses for not doing homework´´.

Some teachers set a lot of homework to their students, so we are going to give you some advice to explain to your teacher why you didn´t do your homework the day before.

Possible excuses:

1.Say to your teacher that yesterday you weren’t in  your town and you came back very late.

2.Explain to him/her that you were ill in the afternoon  and you couldn’t do it.

3.You can say that you have lost your notebook.

4.Or you can say that you forgot it at home.

5.Say to your teacher that

you didn’t listen him

when he set the  homework 

6.Some crazy advice is  that your dog ate

your homework. Make sure you really have a dog.

7.Say to your teacher that your classmates stole  your homework.

8.You can also say that you just did half of it.

Good luck and please, do your homework!

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