84 Four:1D

Our boys from One Direction have 4 CD’s so far.

The last one, called “Four” gives the name to the fourth and last CD.

They say that in their concerts they will play many more songs than the ones included in the last CD.

The new CD, “FOUR” has 12 songs.

-Steal my girl.

-Ready to run.

-Where do broken hearts go.


-Girl almighty.

-Fool’s gold

-Night changes.

-No control.



-Stockolm Syndrome.


Also they have 4 more new songs in the “Deluxe CD”

-Change your ticket.


-One in a life time.

-Act my age.

What are you waiting for to listen to their new songs?

On the CD, we can find the participation of the soul singer called de Sheeran with the lyrics called “18”.

At the moment, they are preparing a new tour called “OTRA”.

It’s really exciting for our boys!!

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