INTERVIEWER: Today, we are going to talk with… Carolina Marín, the best badminton player in Spain. Hello Carolina! Thank you for coming here today!

CAROLINA: Hello! Don’t worry. I’m happy to be here!

INTERVIEWER: And… Carolina, what are your hobbies in your free time?

CAROLINA: I usually go to the cinema in my free time.

INTERVIEWER: Which people do you think are the most influential in your career?

CAROLINA: I think the most important person in my work is my trainer because he prepares me for all the championships.

INTERVIEWER: And… who is your favourite trainer?

CAROLINA: My favourite trainer is Fernando Rivas and I think that he is the best trainer in the world.

INTERVIEWER: And now a difficult question, for you… Do you have a fair salary?

CAROLINA: Yes, I’m happy with my salary but I think that I can’t talk about it here.

INTERVIEWER: And… Which has been your best tournament?

CAROLINA: My best tournament was when I was the Olympic champion in 2016.

INTERVIEWER: And… Is your job your true vocation?

CAROLINA: I think so, because I love my job and I have a very good time when I play badminton everyday.

INTERVIEWER: Which was the happiest day in your life?

CAROLINA: My happiest day was when I won the first time the champion world cup.

INTERVIEWER: The two last questions, about other topics. First, do you have plans to have a child?

CAROLINA: Yes I have plans to have a child.

INTERVIEWER: Now, to finish the interview, the last question, I have a curiosity, what are your favourite brands?

CAROLINA: I think that it’s very obvious. My favourite brand is Adidas and I also think is the best.

INTERVIEWER: Thank you Carolina! Goodbye!

CAROLINA: Ohh, no problem. Goodbye!


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