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Fire in a bags factory of Ubrique. By: Alejandro Moscoso 3ºC

An employee warned that there was a fire in a building, this alert was received at about 9 am. Still not known why and how it happened. The firefighters accessed to the place where the flames were located, a factory

Flood in Ubrique by Juanma Menacho

Everything exposed Flood in Ubrique Written by: Juan María Menacho A flood flooded the houses of a small town in Cádiz because it has been raining for a year. First, the flood flooded the houses which were next to the market

The best couple is back by Victoria Valle

Written by Victoria Valle Moreno 3º ESO C Some papparazzis saw the most famous couple of the cinema in a fancy café in L.A las Monday, in company of  their children. Some media say that they are together again, and

The FishBoy by Raquel Teixeira

NEWSPAPER: EVERYTHING EXPOSED……………………………………22February,2018. Paulo Teixeira, a 14 years-old boy, was studying in the high school of Ubrique, Cádiz, when he suddenly heard a noise in his science class. He decided to go to see what happened. At first, he thought

Robbery in a bank by FJ Pérez

the gang of thieves called by ¨The cats black¨ have made another of their evils plans , last night , August 30 there was a robbery in the European central bank in the city is terrified with this act of

Police find the body of Gabriel Cruz by Carlos Reina

  The security forces have found the boy Gabriel Cruz, 8 years old, missing on February 27 in Las Hortichuelas, in Níjar (Almería), and they have arrested the current couple of the father of the minor when he was transporting

Road to Eurovision By: Francisco Pérez 3ºC

Written by: Francisco Pérez Mateos Up until now we know 27 selected songs which will sound the next 8th, 10th and 12th of May in the Portuguese capital city. The contest will take place for the first time in Portugal


Written by: Susana Peñalosa González Today, at 9 in the morning, a man called James found a fossil while he was building his friends’ house in Baker Street, London. “I just started moking a hole on the ground to build

Robbery in Ubrique by Lourdes Vega

Last Tuesday night, two burglars broke into in a coffee shop in Ubrique in Spain Av. They went at night and the took all the money from the cash register. It was around 12 o’clock at night and when the

The car accident by Giovanni Sem Montiel

Yesterday day 21/2/2018. A car with four parsengers crashed against a tree on the road which goes from Ubrique to Grazalema. Because of the snow, the road was sliding and the car was going to brake but with the snow,