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CHANGEMENT RADICAL: DWAYNE JOHNSON Dwayne Johnson un lutteur professionel, acteur et producteur américano-canadien.  Avant, il était brun. Il avait les cheveux courts et une moustache. Il avait un look classique. Il portait une veste noire et une chemise blanche avec une


  Date: 2nd March 2018 Written by: Paola Fernández Puerto   A new invention was invented by Dany Pedro to collect breadcrumbs.It was made on 8th January 2018 with his  friends in a science laboratory. The person that made this


THE NEW BREADCRUMBS DUSTPAN Writen by: Cristóbal José Amaya Ruiz Last month, Juan Gustavo Ramírez invented a breadcrumbs dustpan in his bakery drilling a table. Juan Gustavo Ramírez, the best baker in Cadiz, invented the last 3rd March, a new revolutionary


According to the police report, there was an alleged kidnapped in the morning.  A four-year-old girl has been kidnapped in the Sevillian town of coria del rio. Her mother claims to have been with her at all times,but the neighbours

Trapped by the snow. By Ángela Valle.

Last weekend, an actor whose name we can´t reveal, was going to the mountain range of Grazalema to film a scene of a film when, suddenly, his car got trapped by the snow. For several days, it had announcing heavy

Fire in a bags factory of Ubrique. By: Alejandro Moscoso 3ºC

An employee warned that there was a fire in a building, this alert was received at about 9 am. Still not known why and how it happened. The firefighters accessed to the place where the flames were located, a factory

Flood in Ubrique by Juanma Menacho

Everything exposed Flood in Ubrique Written by: Juan María Menacho A flood flooded the houses of a small town in Cádiz because it has been raining for a year. First, the flood flooded the houses which were next to the market

The best couple is back by Victoria Valle

Written by Victoria Valle Moreno 3º ESO C Some papparazzis saw the most famous couple of the cinema in a fancy café in L.A las Monday, in company of  their children. Some media say that they are together again, and

The FishBoy by Raquel Teixeira

NEWSPAPER: EVERYTHING EXPOSED……………………………………22February,2018. Paulo Teixeira, a 14 years-old boy, was studying in the high school of Ubrique, Cádiz, when he suddenly heard a noise in his science class. He decided to go to see what happened. At first, he thought

Robbery in a bank by FJ Pérez

the gang of thieves called by ¨The cats black¨ have made another of their evils plans , last night , August 30 there was a robbery in the European central bank in the city is terrified with this act of