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An interview to Paco Fernández by Victoria Valle

¡Tuvimos el placer de hablar con Paco Fernández, el escritor increíble que está llegando ahora mismo! Te dejamos la entrevista aquí:   Interwiever -> Muchas gracias por tomarse un tiempo libre de su apretada agenda para responderme algunas preguntas sobre

Interview to Pau Gasol by JJ Rodríguez

Juan José Rodríguez (11/3/18) Interviewer: Hello to everyone, here we are with a famous spanish basketball player, Pau Gasol. Celebrity: Hi, I’m so happy to stay here with you. I: Thank you for taking some time off from your busy

Interview to ROBIN WILLIAMS! By: Julia Romero 3ºC

Journalist: Today will be with us, Robin Williams! Come on, come on, sit here. RW: Hello, Julia. Journalist: Good morning, Robin Williams. Wow, It’s a pleasure that you are here with us today. RW: The plaseure it’s mine. Journalist: Well,


-Álvaro: Today we have the most famous dj, MARTIN GARRIX!! Welcome!! -Martin Garrix: Hi Alvaro, My name is Martin Garrix -Álvaro: Welcome Martin Garrix, How old are you? -Martin Garrix: I’m 21 years old -Álvaro: Wow!! You are very young!! -Martin Garrix: Yes I know that

Interview to Raphael Varane Antonio Peramos 3ºC

Antonio- Hey guys today we have an especial person in our TV programme. Here we have Varane!!!! Varane- Hey Antonio, how are you? Are you going to ask me embarrasing question? Antonio- No, dont worry Varane. Are you ready i

Interview with Merche, by Rocío Guerra

I: Hello, today we have the singer Merche , good afternoon, how are you? C: Good afternoon , happy to be here with you. I: How did you start in the world of music? C: Since I was a child

“The Interview to Eden Hazard´´ Alejandro Rivera 3ºC

-Interviewer: Thank you for taking some time off from your busy                 schedule to  answer a few questions about your life. -Eden Hazard: It´s my pleasure. -Interviewer: First question, could you tell me why

Interview to Kobe Bryant. By Adriana.

Adriana: We are with a famous basketball player. J.J : Hi Adriana: How are you ? J.J:Im very good thanks you. Adriana: Could you tell us about your life? J.J: Oh thanks , thats fantastic. Adriana: Which are your strenght?

Interview to Logan Paul by Julio Nieto

Julio : Hi Logan thank you for this 5 minutes with me. Logan : Hi thanks , let’s go to the questions.   Julio : How did you feel when you saw a dead person ? Logan : I felt

Interview Ismael Prego(Wismichu) By Jorge Amaya

Jorge: Hi Isma, I have a answer for you, You have 5 minutes? Isma: Oh hello,Yes I have a lot of free time   Jorge: Lets go with the questions, first, how do you start in youtube? Isma: Hum, I