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INTERVIEWER: Today, we are going to talk with… Carolina Marín, the best badminton player in Spain. Hello Carolina! Thank you for coming here today! CAROLINA: Hello! Don’t worry. I’m happy to be here! INTERVIEWER: And… Carolina, what are your hobbies in

Interview to Zac Efron. By Ángela Valle.

Ángela: Hi! Here we are today with a famous actor, let’s go and ask him some questions!                                              Are

An interview to Paco Fernández by Victoria Valle

¡Tuvimos el placer de hablar con Paco Fernández, el escritor increíble que está llegando ahora mismo! Te dejamos la entrevista aquí:   Interwiever -> Muchas gracias por tomarse un tiempo libre de su apretada agenda para responderme algunas preguntas sobre

Interview to Pau Gasol by JJ Rodríguez

Juan José Rodríguez (11/3/18) Interviewer: Hello to everyone, here we are with a famous spanish basketball player, Pau Gasol. Celebrity: Hi, I’m so happy to stay here with you. I: Thank you for taking some time off from your busy

Interview to ROBIN WILLIAMS! By: Julia Romero 3ºC

Journalist: Today will be with us, Robin Williams! Come on, come on, sit here. RW: Hello, Julia. Journalist: Good morning, Robin Williams. Wow, It’s a pleasure that you are here with us today. RW: The plaseure it’s mine. Journalist: Well,


-Álvaro: Today we have the most famous dj, MARTIN GARRIX!! Welcome!! -Martin Garrix: Hi Alvaro, My name is Martin Garrix -Álvaro: Welcome Martin Garrix, How old are you? -Martin Garrix: I’m 21 years old -Álvaro: Wow!! You are very young!! -Martin Garrix: Yes I know that

Interview to Raphael Varane Antonio Peramos 3ºC

Antonio- Hey guys today we have an especial person in our TV programme. Here we have Varane!!!! Varane- Hey Antonio, how are you? Are you going to ask me embarrasing question? Antonio- No, dont worry Varane. Are you ready i

Interview with Merche, by Rocío Guerra

I: Hello, today we have the singer Merche , good afternoon, how are you? C: Good afternoon , happy to be here with you. I: How did you start in the world of music? C: Since I was a child

“The Interview to Eden Hazard´´ Alejandro Rivera 3ºC

-Interviewer: Thank you for taking some time off from your busy                 schedule to  answer a few questions about your life. -Eden Hazard: It´s my pleasure. -Interviewer: First question, could you tell me why

Interview to Kobe Bryant. By Adriana.

Adriana: We are with a famous basketball player. J.J : Hi Adriana: How are you ? J.J:Im very good thanks you. Adriana: Could you tell us about your life? J.J: Oh thanks , thats fantastic. Adriana: Which are your strenght?