From here to the moon and back:

This book is about 5 guys (three girls and two boys) that live in Barcelona, where they meet.

Martina, Lauren, Abril, Max and Victor are shipwecked, cause they were lost till they meet.

They call “ The clan of the shipwecked” and usually gather on the island of Robinhood, a green space besides the beach.

Martina is confused, her parents want a brilliant future for her even when if she doesn´t want to be a nurse or a lawer. Lauren has two mothers and is bored of her life, she wants to go away. Abril’s mother has died and her father is a wheelchair. Max is orphan and works in a “Churrería” to get money and can climb mountains.Victor’s little brother died and his parents don’t pay him attention.

The clan of the shipwecked” help each other to overcome fears and confused moments. Some of them will fulfill their dreams.

I recommend this book to everybody who likes teenager love stories, adventure and excitement.

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